About Us

Zineti was founded in 1977, and has therefore spent more than 40 years dedicated to the manufacture, distribution and study of cathodic protection.

Developing from originally only dealing in the naval field but later in the industrial field and the fabrication of anodes for motors and sport boats. 

In the nautic field we have the largest section of the market, both nationally and European, with more than 600 references for all types of motor, in-board, off-board and intra-board, in three types of alloy, Zinc, Aluminium and Magnesium.

The raw materials used to make our anodes are of the purest available on the market and are always analysed on entry to the factory. The anodes are made according to the strictest norms.

Quality: Our anodes are manufactured under the strictest standards, Zineti has the ISO 9001 certification, ensuring the highest quality possible in all its products.

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